About us

MED-IIT is a pioneer in revolutionizing the concept of inclusive and extensive coaching in IIT JEE & NEET in Vadodara, which enables the students to enhance their performance in these competitive Exams.

This approach helps students to save time and multiply their efforts. We have been consistently producing top results, as our educational program is imparted in the most time efficient manner.

It has been seen with school students of secondary and higher secondary, that their studies are restricted to text books and they don't opt for studying anything that gives them holistic view and knowledge of the subject area.

Though being skilled, this restricts the student from qualifying in competitive exams. So with a vision to fill the lacuna present in educational system and make the students efficient enough to face the modern competitive world, we conduct MED-IIT as the solutions to above problems. Med-IIT Provides in-depth Knowledge for JEE, NEET, PRE-NURTURE and FOUNDATION.


Every student being different, we aim to treat them individually with our expertise, to strengthen individuals & lead them to achieve their desired goals.


Innovation in techniques for imparting education being our induction, we sure are here to make a difference.